I’ve been writing for a while about the challenges of reconciliation (in The Road to Reconciliation) from the perspective of both the victim and the offender, as well as those who inhabit both categories. This is a pop out section addressed to those who feel guilty for something they have done. It describes the crucial first step: identifying what you did.

Admit the Exact Nature of the Wrong

First I’m going to talk about an essential part of the process of going from wrong to reconciliation, a part that many people, incredibly, try to pass over. What is this indispensable but neglected component?

Broken Promises

While you’re at it, while you’re acknowledging the exact nature of your wrongs, don’t forget one wrong you might’ve committed that is so central that it may overshadow all others and be key to this whole business of reconciliation.

The Effects of your Actions

Once you have written your statement of responsibility, you’re ready for the next step: imagining the effects of your actions.

Written by

Mental Health Counselor and Writer www.keithwilsoncounseling.com

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