The Reflective Eclectic Series

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Keith R Wilson
4 min readMay 5, 2020


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Why I Don’t Specialize in Anything

Evidence-Based Therapy

Mental Illness is One Thing, Madness is Another

Wrangling the Parts of Your Mind

How to Help a Person Grow

Eleanor Oliphant Might Be Completely Fine

The Mind’s Instruction Manual

Igniting Change

Something You Can Do When There’s Nothing You Can Do

Nine Kinds of Madness and the Hole in the Middle of It All

Telehealth Psychotherapy

Cleaning the Closet

Multiple Views of Dissociative Identity Disorder

Combat Veterans and Fireworks

Looking for My Father in Emerson’s Essays

Waiting Room Therapy

Job Satisfaction When the System is Rigged

How to Re-Traumatize Yourself

How to Let Go

How Adversity Brings Out Your Potential

What Pigeons Can Teach You about Expectations

Can Therapy and Spirituality Co-Exist?

The Face of the Other

I and Thou

Fifty Minutes Set Apart

Cultivating Change

Living with Stress

How Stories Can Harm

Don’t be Mindless about Mindfulness

The Perils of Understanding

Taming the Pumpkin

Strange Ideas About the Strange Situation

What If the Past Doesn’t Exist?

What is the Meaning of Life?

Should You Choose a Therapist By Their Credentials?

Empathy and What it’s Like to Be a Bat

You are Sisyphus and you must come to peace with it, or not

How I Made Peace With My Inner Critic

How to Look at Everything Differently



Plotting the Revolution from a Therapist’s Office

What is a Christian Counselor?

Will Your Therapist Even Notice If You Drink the Kool Aid?

How to Keep the Faith When You Don’t Think You Have Any

The Table

You Are Not a Noun

How to Talk to a Kid

Why Ask Why?

The Thought Factory

How I Found My Calling and How Moses Found His

How Machiavellian is Your Therapist?

Is Your Doctor Going the Way of the Family Farm?

Don’t Force It

How Normal is Abnormal?

The Cost of the Placebo Effect

Helping Brains Talk to One Another

See, Do, Teach

Light Beams

Open Charting in Psychotherapy

Need a Map For Your Brain?

The Spectrum of Addiction

How I Made Freud Work For Me

I also have another series on Medium, A Field Guide to Feelings

Then there’s my books.

The Road to Reconciliation: A Comprehensive Guide to Peace When Relationships Go Bad

Describes a path towards healing and potential forgiveness for anyone in a relationship affected by selfishness, violence, abuse, addiction, or betrayal. It guides the reader on how to assess the damage done and recognize codependency and vindictiveness in themselves, blocking the way from injury to peace. It gives pragmatic advice on how to find safety, assert needs, apologize, make amends, and promote change.

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How to Make an Apology You’ll Never Have to Make Again

Step-by-step instructions that will enable you to make an effective apology and transform yourself into the person you would like to be.

Only available as an E-Book



Constructive Conflict: Building Something Good Out of All Those Arguments

Informative, down to earth and practical. A must read for anyone who wants concrete, explicit ways to improve their communication and conflict resolution skills.

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The Novels


Middle-aged ,obese, depressed, and estranged from his children, Larry sets off cross country, ambivalently seeking restoration amid scraps of long-distance fatherhood. Intersections takes unexpected turns on a journey from despair to re-enchantment, from loneliness to reconciliation, from the carnal to the transcendent and back again.

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Fate’s Janitors: Mopping up Madness at a Mental Health Clinic

What happens when a famed, but fanatical psychologist secretly enlists a group of self-absorbed psychotherapists in an audacious revolt against the health care system?

Fate’s Janitors takes the reader inside the mental health and addiction treatment industry; where talk, noisy breath exhaled, is marketed as a precious healing salve. A perennial student must complete a counseling internship at an outpatient mental health clinic. His supervisor, a recovering addict, and former outlaw biker, is less than thrilled about having an intern tagging along. The clinic is treated like an ignored appendage to the medical center, which in turn has been taken over by a giant corporation. The renowned psychologist, Dr Ahern, is appointed director, but when the great man at last makes an appearance, he delivers outlandish orders to the staff and bribes them to lie to insurance companies, deceive regulators, and bamboozle auditors.

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